Sorghum, known as Jowar in India, serves as a versatile and nutritious staple. Widely used in Indian cuisine, it's ground into flour to make traditional flatbreads like roti or bhakri. Jowar flour is also used in preparing porridge, snacks, and gluten-free baked goods. Apart from its culinary uses, Jowar straw finds application as fodder for livestock and in making brooms and mats. Nutritionally rich, Jowar is gluten-free, high in fiber, protein, and essential nutrients like iron and magnesium. Its adaptability to various climates makes it a vital crop in India, contributing to food security and agricultural sustainability.

Embrace the authentic flavors of India with every meal. Elevate your cooking and relish the goodness of organic Jowar in your favorite recipes today. Trust our commitment to quality and authenticity, and experience the difference in your culinary creations!

Product Description

Nutrient-Rich: Organic Jowar, or sorghum, is a powerhouse of nutrition, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Versatile Ingredient: Ideal for cooking a variety of dishes including rotis, porridge, upma, and even desserts like jowar ladoo.

Gluten-Free: Perfect for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, offering a nutritious alternative to wheat.

Sustainable: Grown using organic farming methods, promoting environmental sustainability and soil health.

Health Benefits: Supports heart health, aids digestion, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Authentic Taste: Enjoy the wholesome, nutty flavor of organic Jowar, enhancing the taste of your favorite dishes.