Jaggery Powder/Golden Sugar

Jaggery powder, also known as golden sugar, is a natural sweetener derived from sugarcane juice. In India, it's widely used as a healthier alternative to refined sugar. With its rich caramel flavor and golden hue, jaggery powder is a versatile ingredient in Indian cuisine. It's used to sweeten beverages like tea and coffee, as well as desserts such as kheer and ladoos. Jaggery powder is also incorporated into savory dishes like curries and chutneys to balance flavors. Rich in minerals like iron and antioxidants, it offers potential health benefits. Overall, jaggery powder is a cherished and essential ingredient in Indian households.

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Product Description

Natural Sweetener: Our jaggery powder, also known as golden sugar, is a natural and unrefined sweetener derived from organic sugarcane juice

Rich Flavor: With its caramel-like taste and golden hue, it adds depth and richness to dishes and beverages

Versatile Use: Ideal for sweetening a wide range of recipes, from desserts like kheer and ladoos to savory dishes like curries and chutneys.

Certified Organic: Our jaggery powder is certified organic, ensuring it's free from pesticides, chemicals, and additives.

Nutrient-Rich: Contains essential minerals like iron and antioxidants, offering potential health benefits

Sustainable Sourcing: Sourced from ethical and sustainable farming practices, supporting environmental and social responsibility.

Culinary Essential: A staple in organic kitchens, prized for its flavor, versatility, and natural goodness